Supported VNC/RDP/SSH clients by OPS1E

OPS1E application has a built-in VNC/RDP/SSH 3rd party client support. This function allows connecting to your OPS1E managed remote Virtual Machines. Following clients have been successfully tested to work with OPS1E application:

  • VNC Viewer (RealVNC) 2.0.3 supports VNC
  • Remotix 4.0.0 supports RDP and VNC

  • iTeleport 6.2.2 supports VNC

  • iSSH 5.7.1 supports SSH

Note: it is up to the developer of a client application to support so called "URL Scheme" so that OPS1/OPS1E and other applications could interact. If your unsupported application does not work with OPS1E, we suggest contacting the developer and asking them to include "URL Scheme" for "vnc://", "rdp://" or "ssh://" scheme handling. It is actually very easy to implement.

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