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What is a vApp?

A vApp is a container that contains one or more virtual machines. In addition, a vApp also shares some functionality with virtual machines. A vApp can power on and power off, and can also be cloned.


Do you offer backups? 

Spragos vCloud offers two kinds of backups: snapshots and backups. Snapshots can be done at any time, while automated backups run every couple of days.


Do you have an API?

Yes — The API allows you to control Virtual Machine Power, as well as replicate all of the vCloud control panel functionality.


Do you have a default firewall enabled?

No — but we encourage our users to enable it once Internet Router is setup.


Do you provide console access?

We provide console access via our vCloud control panel.


What kind of Network does Spragos run on?

All Spragos physical nodes are connected via gigabit ethernet to switches, which are uplinked to our aggregators and core routers. All core routers are uplinked via 10-gigE uplinks to providers.


Do you offer Windows servers?

Yes, we do provide Windows-based servers.


What is the CPU speed of Virtual Machine hosting servers?

We use server-grade Intel Hexcore processors between 2.4 GHz and 3.3 GHz. 


Can I get a custom plan of CPU, RAM, or Disk?

We do not currently provide automated ability to create custom plans where resources can be increased independently. However, you can contact our sales at


How can I request a new feature?

As we're experiencing extreme growth, our engineering team is working as quickly as possible on a variety of known issues as well as feature requests.

We are excited to hear feedback from you. To submit feature requests and suggestions, please submit your ticket to Spragos Support.

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